Publications 2012

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  2. Niazi N.K.* and Kachenko A.G. 2012. Letter to the Editor regarding, “First evidence on different transportation modes of arsenic and phosphorus in arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata” by Lei et al. (2012). Environmental Pollution 165: 167.
  3. Shahid M, Dumat C, Silvestre J, Pinelli E .2012. Effect of fulvic acids on lead-induced oxidative stress to metal sensitive Vicia faba L. plant. Biology and Fertility of Soils 48: 689-697.
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  6. Shahid M, Arshad M, Kaemmerer M, Pinelli E, Probst A, Baque D, Pradere P, Dumat C. Long-term field metal extraction by Pelargonium: phytoextraction efficiency in relation to plant maturity. International journal of phytoremediation 14: 493-505.
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