Publications 2008-11

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Niazi N.K.*, Singh B., Van Zwieten L., and Kachenko A.G. 2011. Phytoremediation potential of Pityrogramma calomelanos var. austroamericana and Pteris vittata L. grown at a highly variable arsenic contaminated site.

Publications 2012

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Niazi N.K.*, Singh B., Van Zwieten L., and Kachenko A.G. 2012. Phytoremediation of an arsenic contaminated site using Pteris vittata L. and Pityrogramma calomelanos var. austroamericana: a long-term study.

Publications 2015

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1. Shakoor, M.B., N.K. Niazi*, I. Bibi, M.M. Rahman, R. Naidu, Z. Dong, M. Shahid, and M. Arshad. 2015. Unraveling Health Risk and Speciation of Arsenic from Groundwater in Rural Areas of Punjab, Pakistan.

Publications 2017

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1. Shahid, M., Khalid, M., Dumat, C., Khalid, S., Niazi, N.K., Imran, M., Bibi, I., Ahmad, I., Hammad, H.M., Tabassum, R.A., 2017. Arsenic Level and Risk Assessment of Groundwater in Vehari, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Exposure and Health DOI: 10.1007/s12403-017-0257-7.

Publications 2018

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Niazi, N.K., Bibi, I., Shahid, M., Ok, Y.S., Shaheen, S.M., Rinklebe, J., Wang, H., Murtaza, B., Islam, E., Nawaz, M.F., Lüttge, A., 2018. Arsenic removal by Japanese oak wood biochar in aqueous solutions and well water: